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as a barometer for how people feel about the obama admnistration. in virginia, republican bob mcdonald, easily won the governor's race. he earned 59% of the vote to defeat former attorney creed deeds. the win returns a republican to the governor's office in virginia for the first time in eight years. also electing a governor is new jersey, incumbent governor john corzine conceded defeat last night. that means that republican christoforoustchris, christie we governor. >>> democrat bill owens won just days after being endorsed by a republican candidate who dropped out of the race. doug hoffman the conservative candidate lost to owens by 3%. and millionare michael bloomberg won a tight race for a 3rd term as mayor of new york city. just last year he signed a bill allowing mayors in new york to serve a 3rd term. stay tuned for the continuing result of this story. we will have the latest on the election results, coming up later from washington later on this hour. >>> money advice on wheels. the tour offering financial advice has reached baltimore. it's called the your bus. the goal is to help ameri
since out of high school. in the end friends say he was hoping that president obama himself would just pull troops out of iraq and afghanistan. obviously that did not happen. a family member said he was a good american and quote, we are shocked. >> thank you very much. we will check back in with you in a few minutes. can you stay with fox 45 news for the latest information on the shooting. we will cover the stories all morning long at top and bottom of the hour. >> the off duty police officer stabbed outside a nightclub yesterday morning has been released from the hospital. the 42-year-old checked out last night after being treated for wounds to the neck and to the back. investigators say he was leaving christina's on north point boulevard when he got into a fight with another man. that's when the man pulled out a knife leading the officer to open fire. at least check, the man he thought was still in the hospital in serious but stable condition, police are still trying to determine if the two men knew each other. paragraph. >>> mayor sheila dickson heads it trial on charges of theft ne
had a plenty of notice. >> this isn't a government takeover. >> president ow obama says the senate will follow in the footsteps of the house. >>> most of the maryland's congressman voted along party lines in favor of the bill, except for frank crit oweville. first representative is one of 39 democrats who voted against the bill. that is one the reasons passing the senate version will be a challenge. joel d smith has more on the historic vote that happened over the weekend, and what is next. >>> good morning, patrice, before there can be a vote at the senate, they still need one bill first. there's still several versions in the senate side. the stumbling block remain the idea of the government competing with the public insurers. that was considered a big victory in the house version. they say that millions of americans will be covered when the healthcare reform bill passes. and they believe that the version will cost too much and increase the federal deficit. what can we expect in the senate? it depends on who you ask. >> we will have to start to understand what is in the bill and n
that the president obama says has to look at. it would help to fund healthcare and curve obesity, but they disagree. >> they say it's only pennies. but those pennies add up when you're trying to feed a family. washington if you're listening, what doesn't seem much to you can be a lot to us. >> we want to know what you think, should the government tax soda to fight obesity? that's the question of the day. we will open our phone lines soon. you can always go to and tell us what you think, or to our face book right now, you can send us a tweet at fox baltimore, and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox 45a for yes, and fox 45b for no. and stay tuned with fox 45 for a continuing coverage of this story. we will talk with an expert about the heart association new sugar guidelines and the soda tax. >>> the cdc takes some blame in getting out the h1n1 vaccine. >>> coming up who can get the vaccine in the baltimore area today. >>> plus where you can let the kids run loose in a giant corn just as we promise 100% fresh produce... and rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender 100% of th
, how it could be a reflection of the public's feeling on the obama admnistration. >>> breaking news in dundalk this morning. an off-duty police officer is stabbed at a nightclub. a report >>> the republican party captures two big wins in this week's election claiming victories in both new jersey and virginia. some say the democratic losses of the two gubernatorial ships could be a barometer of how the people feel about the barack obama admnistration. >> good morning, guys, how are you. >> good morning, megan, hi. >> do you think this was a referendum to the obama admnistration. >> we start off with politics being local. in virginia we had bob mcdonnell run a disciplined conservative campaign with main screen issues on the virginia jobs. i think the more stunning victory for the republicans is in new jersey where the president visited 5 times and dispatched his pollster and corzine out spent the gop. maybe a little bit of a statement that the president should be aware of. i think the more important issue is how does this affect his healthcare reform legislation, because there's a lot
obama called a growing partnership between the united states and india. it was the obama's first day dinner in office. from mrs. obama's dress designed by an indian american to the mostly eventua vegetarian menu. the white house showed respect for their indian guests in every detail. the press conversation was over shadowed by the president obama looming announcement of his plans for the afganistan. he did not give details but he is settled on a plan that will quote, finish the is job in afganistan. he will layout that plan in full detail in a speech to the american people in the coming days. for now the more than 60,000 u.s. troops already in the country will celebrate a thanksgiving away from home this year. helicopters and trucks will bring in holiday food and some marines have live turkeys on standby as a back up. but you can never escape the realities of war. and officers will be warning marines to stay alert and not become complacent, because that is when the enny can strike. that is the latest from washington today. until next week have a happy thanksgiving. from the washingto
of the big guns for assistance. >> former president bill clinton was asked by the obama white house to come twist arms because they don't have the votes in the senate and are so far behind that they are afraid meeting the bill deadline for the president. >> i told them all the differences and pass the bill. >> he had warned democrats thatting healthcare reform amounts to an economic impairment and failure will hurt politically. >> the number one effort is you have to succeed. >> reporter: clinton gets mixed reviews on healthcare and could be as much hinder answer,d wife hillary, was such a debacle it helped republicans take the house in 1994. that frightens a lot of democrats. and democrats point to the polls, and they are at odd at skeptical public particularly swing votes and independence. >> it strikes me looking at what the house and the senate is saying that there's a great effort underway here to convince their members to ignore public opinion. >> reporter: prominent democratic interest and former louisiana had misgivings about hillary in the '90s, and warned them that trying too fa
returns with an all new episode next monday at 8:00 here on fox 45. >>> coming up president obama was on the campaign trial yesterday. the re-election bid he is trying to we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. when we switched the tv from cable to fios? tv looks like new. much better. awesome. i wrote 'dark magic'... actually, it's the 100% fiber optics that makes the tv look new. i was curious why we're listening to customers? call the verizon center oh. boy. for customers with disabilities seems dumb... at 800-974-6006 tty/v (announcer) unlike cable, fios uses 100% fiber optics for the best picture quality, period. and you can get $150 back when you order today. $150 back when you >>> president obama lends a helping hand to new jersey's governor who is struggling with a bid to win re-election. you can read that story and more in today's washington times. julie bedane's has this morning's briefing. >> reporter: good morning, it's election and all eyes in washington are on the tight races for governor in virginia
: president obama wants a healthcare bill on his desk bit end of the year, but with the deadline looming less than 7 weeks away and the lawmakers deeply divided over cost and the public option, it's not at all clear whether the president will get his wish. elaine quijano, washington. >>> acorn loses his funding after several controversial films come out. now acorn is suing the government. an attorney weighs in the case. >>> how unyoyou unlucky can it >>> all the gains to close out the week. the university of michigan reported the index fell unexpectedly from 70.6 to 66 in early november. the dow gained 73 points to close at 10,270 and change. the nasdaq added more than 3 quarters of a percent ssments contributing to the rally, strong earnings from disney. the entertainment giant reported gains sparking the turn around from the company. the disney was one of the biggest gainers closing at $30.44. the u.s. deficit widened more than expected in september jumping to $36.5 million. it was the largest increase since 1999. higher oil prices over shadowed. it the value of u.s. exports is still approx
enough food on the table in 2008. that number could be even high inner 2009. president obama called the report unsettling and said that is why he is working to create jobs to help reverse that trend. oon cal toll capitol hill, demos criticized republicans for using. even though they don't have the vote to block a nomination, conservatives are encouraging them to use the filibuster against the nominee who is hostile toward christianity and pro-life. >>> the dollar fell to its lowest level in nearly 15 months on monday. federal reserve fed ben bernanke was one of the several officials to defend the dollar. they follow the decline but the problem is not drastic enough to require government action. that's the latest from washington today. until tomorrow in washington times, i'm julie sphwyou buy a car it's not often that you get back money on the deal. but a website is putting money back in your pocket when you buy a car in the baltimore area. it's called save $ >> we are joined this morning to explain about it. >> i'm great. >> the site was launched by sinclair company which is
putting down by president obama he was hoping to have all of this done bit end of the year. dough wil sater. >>> what that could mean for the verdict. >>> and from the book to the theater to your home, the favorite film hitting dvd stores this >>investor unease about the economy leads the market to end lower. the dow industrial traded down more than 14 points to close the1,031,816. >> all that glitters is still gold. gold delivery hit another record high on friday. settling under 1,000 an ounce. october saw the unemployment rate rise in 21 states and the nation's capital. the labor department shows 13 states with the unemployment rate on. michigan with a 13.5%. we can't tell you what to expect from the stock market next year but we can tell you what the analysts expect. they expect 2010 to be a calm year for stocks and coming off the volum volatility of the pasw years that is a good thing. read the fine prints on the advertising circulars. financial experts say most people will not walk away with the deals they an anticipate. many ads include the words like limited quantities. i'm sta
. >>> the guest list for president obama's first state dinner is turning a few heads. read that storiesy an store stos washington head lines. >> reporter: oprah winfrey will likely grace the white house for the obama's first official state dinner in honor of the prime state minter. even though the guest list rumored about the 300 invitees are hollywood executives and prominent indian americans and jay gu gupta, and teresa. >>> and they have issued a massive recall of the drop side cribs. they issued a recall for more than 2 million drop side cribs on monday after at least 4 reports of infant suffocations. that is the biggest crib recall in history. >>> and while many americans will be cutting back on holiday expenses this year, tens of thousands will cough up the extra cash for taste this thanksgiving. free range natural slow growing heritage durkie turkeys make tht basic of american meals into a gourmet feast. for a cost they can cost up $225 or up to 12 times as much as the average supermarket bird. that's the latest in washington. until tomorrow from the washington times i'm julie bedane. bac
to texas and offering words of support. over the weekend, president barack obama condemning the shooting. >> yesterday shooting was one of the . >> reporter: admnistration officials say the president receives daily briefings on the fort hood investigations. >> the president has been very clear with everyone that no stone should be left unturned to figure out how and why this happened and to ensure that it never happens again. >> reporter: the suspect in the fort hood shooting army psychiatrist, major nadal hasson is being guarded by federal agent and has hired a lawyer. meanwhile, civilians and soldiers wounded in last week's shooting still remain hospitalized. their families offering prayers among the less fortunate. >> my prayers go out to the families. >> reporter: as many as he 3,000 people will attend tuesday's memorial service surrounded by a security wall stretching more than 1,000 feet built exclusively for this event. >>> as we mentioned earlier hasan worshipped at one the same mosque as two of the 9/11 hijackers, and communicated with the amon, who is now praising hasan's ac
morning, here is a quick look at a few things we're following from washington today. president obama is closing in on a final decision on strategy for the war in afganistan. after holding his 8th war council meeting in six weeks yesterday, a senior official tells the washington time the review process is almost complete. but an official told the ap, that so far the president is not fully satisfied with any of the options presented to him becausenon obecausenone of themh clarification of how the u.s. would turn over power to the afghan government. the president leaves on weeklong trip to asia. along the key items will be environmental protection, but his visit to beijing comes as a report reveals that china has promised to clean up its waters is a little muddy. the chinese report showed that more than a half a billion dollars that was supposed to be used for tackling water pollution in chinese rivers and lakes were embezzled and misused by the chinese government. >>> we may soon know all the names of the several people major nidal hasan was in contact before he went on a shooting ramp
uninvited to president obama's first state dinner. molly hen nenberg has more. >>> it keeps getting curious and kyes orcuriouser. bullet how did they get into the white house. the white house says, no, they weren't on the guest list. today the first lady brushed off a question about it. an attorney for the couple told fox, my clients were cleared by the white house to be there. more information is north coming. hair stylist, peggy iocan gets mitchell ready for the event. i asked where is your invitation. she was excited to show me. she was going in her purse to get it. >> reporter: but apparently couldn't find it. the salahis live about 90 minutes west of washington in front royal virginia. tarak a polo enthusist is in a legal battle with his parents over a 100-acre winery. agents at one of the checkpoints did not follow proper procedures but would not clarify exactly how the couple got in. an author of the book on the secret service, says the whole situation is quote unthinkable. this is part of a bigger institutional problem. >> it's not the agents, they are very brave and dedicated and
expected. president obama will address the unemployment rate, which stands at 10.2%. thursday's jobs reported a hopeful sign, but job growth isn't happening as it's needed. >> as i said from the start of this crisis, growth doesn't happen, given the magnitude of what we experienced employers are reluctant to hire. >>> mcdonald's is announcing plans to open 1,000 new restaurants worldwide next year. it plans to renovate more than 2,000 existing locations to make them more modern and comfortable. they hope the move will drive up sales by 5%. for business brief, i'm stan case. >>> still ahead, the east coast is hit with a powerful nor'easter, how maryland is responding to the deadly. >>> and next, the fort hood shooting suspect is charged with murder, but is he a terrorist or someone who just snapped under and, oh yes, saving a lot of trees. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>nidal malik hasan, the army major is charged of with three counts of premeditated murder. as the investigation continues, more people who knew hasan are coming forward and the man they are painting is a man with islamic
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